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Magnaloy Pump/Motor Mount Service Covers

To be assured of receiving the correct Pump/Motor Mount, be certain you have visited our catalog site for Pump/Motor Mounts and checked all dimensional information. 
Select the Pump/Motor Mount Cover below:
Service Window Covers for Horizontal & Vertical Mounts
Magnaloy Service Window Covers are molded in OSHA Safety Orange and are secured to the mount via a Lip-Tab on one end and a single self-tapping screw on the other end.  Service Window Covers are INCLUDED with all Magnaloy Pump/Motor Mounts EXCEPT the NEMA 056 Frame group and the E575 Engine Group.  If Service Window Covers are required for these mounts or additional quantities are required for any mount, they may be ordered separately below.

Covers for 056 Group Mounts
Covers for 182 Group Mounts
Covers for 284 Group Mounts
Covers for 324 Group Mounts