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Magnaloy 5.75" Pilot Gasoline & Diesel - Pump/Engine Mounts

To be assured of receiving the correct Pump/Motor Mount, be certain you have visited our catalog site for Pump/Motor Mounts and checked all dimensional information.  NOTE: on the Engine end mounting holes, the top 2 hole are oriented at 30 degrees off vertical and the bottom 2 mounting holes are oriented at 45 degrees off vertical
Select the Pump Size below:
USA4F17 - 4 Bolt Pump
SAE AA - 2 Bolt Pump
SAE A - 2/4 Bolt Pump
SAE B - 2/4 Bolt Pump
Metric 63 - 2/4 Bolt 63mm Pilot Metric Pump
Metric 63 Spec - 4 Bolt 63mm Pilot Spec Metric Pump
Metric 80 - 2/4 Bolt 80mm Pilot Metric Pump
Metric 80 Spec - 4 Bolt 80mm Pilot Spec Metric Pump
Metric 100 - 2/4 Bolt 100mm Pilot Metric Pump