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Magnaloy's L Series of Reservoirs include the Fixed (welded) Top model available in sizes from 10 Gallon to 200 Gallon. Larger sizes are available by contacting the factory. Each reservoir in this series comes with our Sight Level Gauge with Temp readout and protective cover (SLLG-05T-C), Filler Breather Cap and Riser (FB-H008), a Clean Out Cover on the back side, 3/4" NPT Tank Drain and a Return Line connector. Other features include a bottom stiffener to prevent "oil canning", baffles with fluid circulation cutouts to assist in cooling the fluid and removing entrapped air bubbles, lifting holes in channel ends for easier handling. Like all Magnaloy Reservoirs, complete leak testing is performed and all edges are de-burred before thorough cleaning, priming exterior and rust inhibitor on interior.