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Flexible Drive Couplings:

Magnaloy offers 9 models of magnesium drive couplings and 1 model of a powdered metal drive coupling. The PM90 model coupling (powdered metal) is available in bore sizes from 7/16 inch (12 mm) to 1 1/8 inch (28 mm) with torque ratings up to 672 in-lbs. The premium line of drive couplings (magnesium) are available in bore sizes from 3/8 inch (10 mm) up to 4 3/4 inch (120 mm) and torque ratings up to 71,763 in-lbs. Standard, metric and spline bores are available from stock and most other special & custom orders ship in 3 to 10 business days.

Pump/Motor Mounts:

Magnaloy offers the most complete line of pump/motor mounts in the industry. Mounts are available in aluminum casting or welded steel construction in horizontal and vertical designs for electric motor, gasoline or diesel engine to hydraulic pump applications. All mounts are machined to precision tolerances to assure proper alignment between the motor and pump pilot. Special configurations including metric sizes are our specialty.

Cylinder Rod End Alignment Couplers:

The Magnaloy Rod Alignment Coupler combines extended misalignment capabilities and strength to provide the most versatile alignment coupler available. The Magnaloy Rod Alignment Coupler is offered in two designs from 5/16-24 thread to 4 1/4-12 thread with a maximum rated load of 370,850 lbs. The M-Series provides 10º spherical misalignment and 1/8 inch lateral misalignment while the new R-Series provides 7 1/2º spherical misalignment and 1/8 inch lateral misalignment. The new R-Series design allows retro-fit from competitive brands while offering increased strength and misalignment capabilities. Both series are available in metric thread sizes.

Fluid Power Accessories

Magnaloy's accessory line includes a complete selection of Filler Breather Caps, Screens, Flanges and Adapters to allow custom design of filler breather assemblies. Other power unit accessories include heavy duty Suction and Return Line Flanges in tube and pipe sizes, in-tank Suction Strainers and two designs of Liquid Level Gauges. Additional accessory products include a high quality line of Gauge Isolators in a single port or six port design and a hydraulic Pressure Switch with triple signal capabilities from a single switch. Watch for additional product offerings from Magnaloy's Accessory Products line-of-business.

Hydraulic Manifolds & Manifolding Accessories

Magnaloy offers a complete line of In-Line Bar Manifolds, Subplates, Cover Plates, Valve Adaptors, Integrated Circuit Manifolds and Accessories to make the design and fabrication of hydraulic circuitry simple and easy. These products are available with NFPA valve pattern sizes D03, D05, D05E, D05H and D08 machined in aluminum or steel (Ductile Iron) with ports available in SAE, NPTF, BSPP and BSPT styles. Several options are available to add flexibility to meet any circuit design requirement. Custom designed manifolds are our specialty.

Hydraulic Reservoirs

Magnaloy's line of Hydraulic Reservoirs includes JIC and Non-JIC designs in Horizontal and Vertical styles with fixed (welded) tops, removable (bolt down) tops, and hinged tops.  Every reservoir is leak tested with die penetrant to assure weld integrity, sharp edges and corners are de-burred to reduce injury potential then the reservoir is cleaned, prime painted and a rust inhibitor added on the interior.  Custom designs are available as is stainless steel.