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Magnaloy Fluid Power Accessory Products

To be assured of receiving the correct Accessory Product, be certain you have visited our catalog site for Reservoirs and Reservoir Accessory Products  PAGES 163-165 and checked all dimensional information.
Motor Dampening Bars: Motor Dampening Bars are used to reduce and isolate vibrations and noise in hydraulic systems.  This is accomplished by providing a cushioned mounting system that isolates the Hydraulic Reservoir  from the motor and pump - the source of most noise and vibration.  Magnaloy offers 3 variations of this product:
1)  Bolt Down Series - Dampening Bars are Bolted directly to the Reservoir Top - requiring tapping mounting holes in the Reservoir Top. 
2)  Weld Series - Dampening Bars are Welded directly to the Reservoir Top - risk of damaging the Dampening Bar due to heat from welding
3)  Weld Pad Option - Utilizes the Bolt Down Series with special Weld Pads which are welded to Reservoir Top, eliminating drilling holes in the Reservoir and clean-up issues and risks associated with welding on the Dampening Bars.
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 Weld Pad Option (requires Bolt Down Series Dampening Bars)