Quality........Every Magnaloy reservoir is air leak tested ensuring the integrity of each and every weld. In addition, every sharp edge and corner is deburred to help eliminate the risk of dangerous and costly injuries to assembly personnel.

Custom........Whether a standard reservoir from our catalog, a hand sketch or D.I.N Style, Magnaloy welcomes the opportunity to create a reservoir that will satisfy your application requirements. We specialize in pre-cut holes and/or special prepping of reservoirs reducing costly labor assembly time.
Sizes to 5,000 gallons.

Value........Our prices are competitive with all manufactures of quality reservoirs. Magnaloy reservoirs arrive clean and ready to assemble. No costly labor required for cleanup. Other value added features include "one stop shopping" resulting in savings from fewer issued checks, purchase orders, correspondence and single source follow up.

The magnaloy tradition continues........
In the early planning stages of our reservoir line a customer exclaimed when learning of our new product "if magnaloy is putting there name on it, that's good enough for me." Where other manufacturers dabble in expanding their product line, we take every new product very serious and ensure the magnaloy tradition of quality, value and support.

To view our catalog online, you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.
Our online Reservoir Catalog [1.1MB] is available in PDF file format.  A catalog of our Complete Product Line is also available in a compressed PDF file format [11MB].



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